Snakes in South Carolina

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Snakes in South Carolina

Snakes in south carolina

This snake lives in the Sandhills.The pine snake can lay 3-12 eggs in the sand.

This snake can be confused with the Mole King snake. a Female Corn snake can lay 3-27 eggs per clutch.

This snake color is dark brown with one and two lateral yellow stripes. A female Eastern Ribbon snake can lay 3-20 eggs per clutch.

This snake size is 56-91 cm (22-36 in.) Female Rough Green Snake lays 3-12 eggs per clutch in late Spring or Summer. Sometimes communal nesting occurs.

Rattlesnakes are poisonous reptiles they are 2 to 8 feet (2.4 meters) long. Rattlesnakes have rattles on their tails to warn of predators before they strike with their poisonous fangs. Rattlesnakes eat rats,lizards,birds, and other small animals.

The Canebrake Rattle snake size is 91-183 cm (36-72 in) Mating takes place in the Spring. Ovoviviparous: eggs developed inside the females; gives live birth to 5-19 young per litter dering August or September.


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