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How They Kill Their PreyDifferent types of snakes kill there prey in different ways. But they all hide and then ambush there prey. There are venomous snakes and constrictor snakes. An example of a venomous snake is a gaboon viper. A gaboon viper has the longest fangs of any snake. They are two inches long! An example of a constrictor is the green anaconda. It is the heaviest snake in the world. It gets to be 450 pounds.

Snakes of ConnecticutIn Connecticut, the snake population has declined. There arent many types of snakes that live in connecticut, but the ones that do are the commen garter snake, ribbon snake, smooth green snake, eastern worm snake, Dekay's Brownsnake, red-bellied snake, ring-necked snake, northern water snake, milksnake, copperhead, eastern hognose snake, timber rattlesnake, eastern ratsnake (black ratsnake), and eastern black racer.

Different HabitatsDifferent habitats snakes live in are rainforests, deserts, woodlands, and the water. They can even live in terrariums as pets. A couple of snakes that live in the rainforests are green anacondas and green tree pythons. A couple of snakes that live in woodlands are black rat snake and corn snakes. A couple of snakes that live in the water are sea snakes and water snakes. A couple of snakes that live in a desert are rattle snakes except for timber rattle snakes. A couple of snake that live in terrariums as pets are ball pythons and corn snakes.

I am a king cobra and I am the smartest snake.

I am a black rat snake and I live in New England. My favorite food is rats.


By:Cooper Weyers

In the american revolution they had a snake on their flag to scare of the enemy.


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