[2014] Elizabeth Zobel (2020Class): Snake Caterpillar

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[2014] Elizabeth Zobel (2020Class): Snake Caterpillar

Facts1.When threatened it will pull in its legs and head and expand the front part of its body to make itself resemble a snake.2. The brown head of this 'snake' is actually the underside of the caterpillar.

Snake Caterpillar

6.Two other characteristics: The realistic scales that cover them from head, to tail and the wickedly large “eyes” situated at the end of their body

4.The caterpillars will often posses eyes that will make it look like a snake.

3. When the caterpillar thinks its in trouble it will let of a very bad smell.

5.The caterpillar itself, will eventually morph into the Hemeroplanes triptolemus moth once it reaches adulthood, can be found living in or near Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico and Guatemala.


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