Smurf Attack

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Smurf Attack

Smurf Attack is a distributed denial of service attack.

Smurf Attacks act on most devices on a network by responding to this IP address. If the number of machines on the network that receive and respond to these packets is very large, the victim's computer will be flooded with traffic this slows down a victim's computer so that it becomes impossible to work on.

Smurf Attack

A smurf attack is an exploitation of the Internet Protocol broadcast addressing to create a denial of service. The attacker uses a program called Smurf to cause the attacked part of a network to become inoperable.

Administrators today can make a network immune to such abuse, therefore very few networks remain vulnerable to Smurf attacks.


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A hacker has a cable modem or a T-1 connection and sends a 1-Mbps spoofed ICMP stream at the intermediary sites suppose the intermediary sites have 150 hosts that respond this yields a 150-Mbps attack traveling from the amplifiers toward the victim. The hacker can keep this up as long as he has a connection and as long as the amplifiers continue to broadcast the ICMP traffic.


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