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Products: Jam, Jelly, &Preserves. Peanut Butter. Sandwhiches. Ice Cream Toppings. Fruit Syrup. Plate Scrapers Dessert Topping. Sugar Free Breakfast Syrup.

In 1987, the jelly, jam, and preserve company, J.M. Smuckers was founded by Jerome Monroe Smucker himself. Manufactures are not only in the United States, they can also be found in Canada, Great Britian, and Australia. In addition to the jams, jellies and preserves, Smucker's produces ice cream toppings, syrups, fruit drinks, and peanut butter. Smucker's first went public in 1921. They are a part of the New York Stock Exchange.Some Smucker history found at J.M. Smucker', was stated as the following: “By 1915, the first year for which records are available, the business was bringing in nearly $60,000 and netting almost $3,000 annually. And by the time it was incorporated in 1921, Smucker's offered a full line of preserves (generally made from whole fruit or large pieces of fruit) and jellies (made from strained, pure fruit juice). Sales topped $147,000 the year The J.M. Smucker Company, Inc. was capitalized at $100,000. J.M. Smucker owned 94 percent of the private company's stock; his sons and daughters split the remainder.”Just a little "food for thought," here's some more facts about the company's past..."During the 1960s, the J.M. Smucker Company began to diversify its product line. In 1963, the firm began to sell ketchup, and in the following year, Kellogg's began to use Smucker's jam in its Pop-Tarts. In 1965, the J.M. Smucker Company also began to manufacture peanut butter."Their incorporation employees nearly 3,000 people. Their advertisement gives you that family-like feeling, "there's no place like home." Smucker's has a great reputation for good quality products; hence the slogan, "With a name like Smucker's, it has to be good." With a 52 week high/low of 37.22 - 56.69, the company’s future is looking about as good as the rest of the incorporations these days; no better, no worse.



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