SMP #3

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SMP #3

- I’d like to revise my thinking based on what _________ shared because…- That strategy is similar to _________’s because…- That strategy is different than _________’s because…- What would be a reasonable answer?- What wouldn’t be a reasonable answer?- Where did you start with this problem? I think _________ just made an important point because…- Can someone explain that another way?- I think I need some help.- I think I need some more time to think.- _________, you lost me at…- What’s your evidence?- What makes you think that?- How did you know to do ______?______’s idea links to _______’s because...- What would happen if ________?- How could you change your argument for a younger student?- What questions do you have for _______?- What do you agree with about his/her argument?- What do you disagree with about his/her argument?- How can you make your argument stronger?- How do you know you’re correct?


SMP #3

Accountable Talk:


Official Language: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.Kid-friendly Language: I can explain my thinking and try to understand others.

What SMP #3 Looks Like:

Students are:- using tools strategically- checking their work for reasonability and counterexamples- turning and talking- sharing their chains of reasoning- self-assessing and revising


- youcubed Tasks: search by concept, grade, mathematical practice, or math topic- Illustrative Math Tasks : search by CCSS or SMP; find tasks and videos- Math Solutions Instructional Practices Inventory- Accountable Talk Stems- SMP in Student-friendly Language: Primary and Intermediate




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