Smooth Endoplasmic Retiulum

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Cell Biology

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Smooth Endoplasmic Retiulum

The smooth endoplamic retiulum is located by the rough endoplamic retiulum which is by the nucleus. It is located there so it can hold the lipids and move the newly made lipid to where it needs to go.

anologies "look like"-sea coral:ocean as smooth endoplasmic reticulum:plant cell- pool noodles: pool as endoplasmic reticulum:plant cell

anologies "functions like"-factory: company as endoplasmic reticulum:plant cell-recycling plant: nature as endoplasmic reticulum:plant -water purifier: africa as endoplasmic reticulum:plant cell

Smooth Endoplamic Retiulum [ER](Plant Cell)

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The smooth endoplasmic retiulum is vast system of interconnected, membranous, infolded and convoluted tubes, by the rough endoplamic retiulum. Without the smooth ER the cell wouldnt get what it needs.

smooth endoplasmic rentiulum


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