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Smoking Kills


Why is smoking harmful? It is one of the leading causes of proventiable death in the world. Not only the smokers are effected by the effect of smoking but also the people around them. The smoke can stick on to the clothing of smoker and people passing by.

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Peer Pressure, Parental Influence, Media, Stress, Curiosity, etc...

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Why People Start Smoking

Fact: Tobacco kills about 37,000 Canadians a year.


Fact: Every day over 3,800 teens, 18 and younger, smoke their first cigarette. While, 1,000 teens start smoking on a daily basis.

RisksChronic obstructive pulmonary disease Lung cancerCancer of the mouth, lip, throat and voice boxCancer of the pancreasBreast cancerCervical cancerStomach cancerLiver cancerKidney cancerBladder cancerLeukemiaCoronary heart disease (e.g., heart attacks)Circulatory problemsHigh blood pressureHigh cholesterol (LDL)PneumoniaInfluenza (the "flu")The common coldPeptic ulcersTooth decay (cavities)Gum diseaseOsteoporosisSleep problemsCataracts


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