Smoking Tobacco

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Smoking Tobacco


I am a plant that contains the stimulant nicotine. I was first used by Native Americans in various rituals and ceremonies. After the arrival of the Europeans in the New World, I became increasingly popular. For a long time I was reserved for men, and following the Civil War, I became often associated with masculinity and power. Now when I am cultivated, I am starved of nitrogen to produce a more distinctive flavor, and combined with thousands of chemicals that make me even more harmful. Though my use is declining in many developed countries, my use continues to grow globally. I kill over 5 million people each year and produce 10 times more air pollution than diesel exhaust.


Dulling of SensesPremature AgingSocial PressuresIncreased InfectionsImpotenceEffects OthersCost

When you think of the effects of tobacco, you probably think about cancer (lung cancer in particular), but smoking kills even more people through heart disease! About 181,000 people die U.S. each year as a result of smoking-related heart disease, 158,000 from smoking-related cancer, and another 123,000 people from other lung diseases. In addition, secondhand smoke kills 49,000 nonsmoking Americans each year.

Lasting Impact

I caused 100 million deaths in the 20th century. If my trends continue, there will be up to a billion deaths in the 21st century.

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