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Smoking Project

The harmful chemicals in tobacco are: tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine. Tar is a dark, sticky substance that forms when tobacco burns. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, oderless gas produced when substances-including tobacco, are burned. Nicotine is a stimulant drug in tobacco that increases the activities of the nervous system, heart, and other organs.

Smokers don't get enough oxygen to their blood cells. Also carbon monoxide binds the hemoglobin to the red blood cells. This is how chemicals get into our cells.

Cigarettes increase blood pressure, heart rate, and is addictive because of the nicotine. It also clogs your breathing passages making it hard to breath, thus resulting in short breaths.

Diseases that come with smoking are: atherosclerosis, lung cancer, and emphysema.

This video consists of people getting a makeover by a professional makeup artist, to show how smoking can affect their face and other physical features in 30 years.

A person's heart, lungs and muscles need oxygen-rich blood. The harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, bind to red blood cells and displace oxygen, causing an increase in lactic acid, muscle fatigue, heavy breathing and soreness. This decreases physical endurance, which negatively effects not only performance in sports and/or fitness, but also in daily life. A smoker's resting heart rate is higher than a non-smoker's because the heart must work harder to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body. Physical endurance studies show that smokers obtain less benefit from physical training, have less muscle strength, flexibility, and experience shortness of breath. Smokers are also twice as likely to suffer an injury and require more time to heal after the injury. Smoking among young adults can stunt muscle growth and lung development, which also negatively affect physical performance. Smoking causes not only poor physical performance, but also poor overall health. Fortunately however, many effects of smoking can be reversed after a person quits.

* all according to England statistics *The more you smoke the more prone you are to mental illnesses. Smokers tend to feel:- anxious and/or depressed-suicidal and some cases go on to commit suicide - the use of more drugs and alcohol Overall leading to poor general health, which can lead to death at an earlier age or death from unatural causes.

Chewing tobacco can lead to the developement of oral cancer and precancer. Other health risks include:-gum disease-tooth loss-tooth decay-cardiovascular disease- other cancers

The Harmful Effects of Smoking********************Created By:Gigi CaballeroandLuke Knaup8A

Healthy Lung VS. Smoker's Lung


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