Smoking and Your Health

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Smoking and Your Health

How do Chemicals from Tobacco/Cigarettes Get FromThe Mouth To The Cells/Organs?The chemicals enter from the mouth, to the lungs and into the alveoli. The gas exchange that takes place in the alveoli is often where the chemicals enter. From here the blood contaminated with chemicals travel throughout the body.

Effects on the Smoker's Physical Abilities-Affects the body's abilitiy to absorb oxygen which makes it hard to perform simple activities such as running, or going up and down the stairs.-Lungs can not filter out harmful chemicals-Inability to produce sufficient blood cells which caps numerous physical abilities

Extra Tobacco/Cigarette Facts-Someone smoking for the first time receives a certain "buzz" from the nictoine in the cigarette. This "buzz" often gives the smoker a sense of relief. After a few cigarettes the body no longer experiences this buzz and in attempt to get that feeling back the smoker empties out a few more packs. By the time the smoker realizes they can no longer receive such a feeling, they are hooked from the constant intake of nicotine.

Effects on the Mental State of Smoker-Development of Depression, Anxiety, and Anger within about a year of smoking-People with schizophrenia often smoke, although when they begin it is often harder for them to stop rather than the average person-Smoking sometimes reduces symptoms experienced by those with mental illnesses

Effects on the Physical Appearance-Yellow Teeth- Dull/Yellow/Gray Skin Complexion-Skin Damage from lack of Vitamin A-Chemicals from smoking break hair cells causing major hair damage-Wrinkles-Sagging of the Eyelids-Bags under eyes-Premature aging of skin-Yellowed Nails

Why Is It Harmful?Tobacco/Cigarettes are harmful because... -Tar contains chemicals that cause cancer-Carbon Monoxide level in the blood increases and oxygen level decreases making it harder to breathe-Smokers also develop numerous diseases

Harmful Chemicals In Tobacco/Cigarrettes?-Tar -Carbon Monoxide-Nicotine

Diseases caused by Tobacco/Cigarette-Chronic Bronchitis-Atherosclerosis-Lung Cancer-Emphysema

Smoking and Your Health

Did you know?-Smoking near Apple Computers voids the warranty-One third of the earth's smoker population is Chinese-One cigarette contains about 4,800 chemicals. Sixety-Nine of those chemicals have been proven to cause cancer.

Did You Know?-Smoking causes 1 in 5 deaths every year.-Every five cigarettes reduces a lifespan by about eleven minutes-Exposure to second hand smoking kills about 50,000 deaths a year-Hitler lead the first anti-smoking ad in history

By Brianna Klinger and Koye Oputa


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