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Earth Sciences

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Why is Smog an Issue?Smog is a serious issue because it exposes people to dangerous levels of ozone. While high in the atmosphere, ozone protects us from the sun's radiation; but, when it is on the ground level of the atmosphere, it has dangerous effects on our respiratory systems.


*Cough, cough*

Health Problems...Smog can cause serious short- and long-term health issues. Short-term symptoms include coughing, irritation of the throat and lungs, and the onset of asthma attacks. Long-term issues include reduced lung capacity, damage to the lining of the lungs, and aggravation of chronic lung diseases like emphysema and bronchitis.

What is the Solution?Many precautions can be taken to limit smog. These inlcude avoiding vehicles that create smog, monitoring power plant emissions, and personal supervision of household cleaning products and energy use. All of these combine can make a difference in smog levels, but the main thing to remember is just to keep an eye on air quality, usually shown on local news channels. If it is particularly bad that day, simple stay indoors as much as possible.

Smog can have serious negative health consequences, including asthma!



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