Smith, Justina Ford, Robinson

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Smith, Justina Ford, Robinson

Justina FordBy: Olivia Smith

She came to Colorado because it was easier to become a doctor in Denver.

Did you know that Justina could ride taxis for free because she helped people for free?

Over her life, she helped to deliver over 7000 babies and knew eight languages to communicate to patients.

Being one of seven children, she was the only one who liked to disect frogs and chickens.

Her mom was divorced twice.

She married Alfred Allen and he is eighteen years younger than her.

She has her own statue of her near her house, now a museum.

Justina was born in knoxville, Illinios, 1871

Her middle name is Laurena.

She died in 1952 and lived to be 81, that was very old back then., Joyce B. Justina Ford Medical Pioneer. 2004.


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