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the largest "saber-toothed" cat

Fossil evidence: there is not much evidence of the full body, just some parts were found (the head and teeth).

Habitat: They lived in grasslands, pine forests, and shrubby areas, because it provided the diet that the saber-tooth cats have. Some lived in caves

Existence: the Pleistocene time period to the Holocene time period (1.6million - 11,000 years ago)❣ The Ice Age period❣ Lived in North and South America

Kingdom: AnameliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: SmilodonSpecies: Homotherium

Peter Wilhelm Lund – 1842

Possible descendants: no close relatives living today, some say they are related to large cats.

why it went extinct: it was overly-engineered for its body size. Some say it was because of the humans.

Diet: ❣ Meat eater ❣ Also ate herbivores (plant eating animals) ❣ Diet included: mastodons, mammoths and bison (now extinct), camels, deer, and horses.❣ Some say they also ate humans, but there is no evidence.❣ Uses method of trapping prey with teeth.

❣ It was 5 feet long and 4 foot tall. ❣ smaller than the average tiger, but weighs heavier – up to 500kgs

Link to Evolution: Adaptation; they had weak jaws - allowed smilodon to attack prey easily with their large teeth.



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