Smell the Color Nine

by TeacherMiranda
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Smell the Color Nine

'Cause I can sniff, I can see, and I cancount up pretty high, but these facultiesaren't getting me any closer to the sky.

Now I've never felt the presence,But I know You're always near.And I've never heard the calling,but somehow You've led me right here,

I would take no for an answer,just to know I heard You speak,and I'm wondering why I've neverseen the signs they claim they see.

A lotta special revelationsmeant for everybody but me.Maybe I don't truly know You,or maybe I just simply believe...

So, I'm not lookin' for burnin' bushesor some Divine graffiti to appear.I'm just beggin' You for Your wisdom,and I believe You're puttin' some here...Nine's not a color...and if even if it were, you can't smell a color, no.That's my point exactly.

But my heart of faith keeps poundin' ,soI know I'm doin' fine, but sometimes findin' You is just like tryin' to smell the color nine.Smell the color nine...

"Smell the Color Nine"by Chris Rice


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