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The Smartwatch

Modern Features-touchscreen-can connect to your phone via blutooth-check your messages and emails-type messages, emails, and notifications with your voice -schedule reminders-music player-thermometer-compass-applications-fitness tracking-sd card slot-2 megapixel camera, take pictures and 10 second short videos

What is it?Smartwatches are computerized watches with enhanced abilities that are a newer product slowly rising in popularity. Besides telling you what time it is, earlier smartwatches could be used as calculators, translators, et cetera. However now modern smartwatches are virtually mobile computers.

Who invented it?Even though the smartwatch popularity only started to rise this year in 2013, smartwatches actually have quite an extensive history. In the 1980's, the company Seiko started to make watches with enhanced abilities such as a computer. Seiko made quite an extensive series named the RC and Casio also made a line of smartwatches around this time called the data bank series. In 2000, IBM came out with a watch running on Lunix which was much more powerful than the Seiko and Casio smartwatches. However, presently smartwatches are becoming serious. Comapanies such as Acer, Apple, BlackBerry, Foxconn/Hon Hai, Google, LG, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. HP, HTC, Lenovo, and Nokia are all aiming towards making their own smartwatch that connect to your smartphone with bluetooth.

Sony Smartwatch SW2

The FutureI believe that the smartwatch will become a very dominant product in 5 more years. Right now is the age of technology. Newer things are being invented everyday. In 10 more years I believe maybe at least 50% of the people in the world will be wearing smartwatches instead of regular watches.

CostSmartwatches range from about $80-$300 dollars depending on the manufactuer and its features. During the invention of the smartwatch, the president was and still is Barack Obama. The average family income during this time was about $51,500 before tax. So the smartwatch is affordable but may not be worth that much money. When the smartwatch was invented there were and still are problems in Syria and its government with it using chemical weapons.

Impact on MeThough I don't have a smartwatch, I think I will buy one within the next two years. Sooner or later it may become the new fashion. Everone will be connecting it with their smartphones.

Impact on SocietySmartwatches have not been around for enough time and have not hit the climax of its popularity. Smartwatches are reletively new and have not impacted society yet.

google predicted smartwatch

(apple predicted smartwatch)

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