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SMART Board Basics

5 Tips and Tricks Video

Customize ToolbarTo customize your toolbar, use your finger to press and hold in a blank part of the toolbar (or right click) and the customize menu pops up. Choose an icon and drag to your toolbar. You can also delete an icon you no longer need or use by dragging that icon onto the Customize Toolbar menu.

Dual PageClick on the Dual Page icon on the SMART toolbar. This allows you to see 2 different pages within 1 notebook file. To pin a page, press the pin icon on the toolbar. The pinned page will stay the same and you can scroll through the rest of the pages.

Capture ToolThe Capture Tool allows you to take a picture of a picture, document, or web page. Open the Capture Tool by clicking on the camera icon on the toolbar. Choose one of the 4 icons, highlight what you want from the page with your finger, once you lift your finger the image is put into your SMART Notebook.

Shape Recognition PenThe Shape Recognition Pen allows you to draw a circle, square, or triangle and SMART Notebook puts them into the correct shape.

Magic PenUsing your finger, the magic pen does 3 things:Write - when you write, the words disappear in about 15 seconds or so.Square - Draw a square to magnify certain sections of your page.Circle - Draw a circle and spotlight certain sections of your page.

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