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Social Studies

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What is Smart Traveller?Smart Traveller is a website-based organisation with the intent of informing the public of valuable information about nations.


Motivated to care for people


Why should I register with Smart Traveller?I should register with Smart Traveller because it can help with lots of potential problems overseas.

Travel documentation being lost/stolen

Why do I need Smart Traveller's help?You will be far away from home, increasing the difficulty in contacting family members, friends or law representatives for support.

a) Prevent these problems from occuring

Valuables being misplaced

A serious medical condition occuring.

How can Smart Traveller help?

b) Contact appropriate authorities and notify them of your dilemma

c) Smart Traveller also provides specific answers to common problems, which helps a large audience of people with general issues.

How do I register with Smart Traveller?Registering with Smart Traveller is free and easy, simply enter your passport, destination details and emergency contact details, and you're set!

To register for Smart Traveller"1. Visit Enter your passport number3. Enter your trip details when prompted4. Now you're set to travel!

Smart Traveller can help people travelling to any country by providing a brief summary of Brazil, infomation about how to get in and out, safety issues, local transport customs, laws and regulations, health issues, places to seek help and any additional, important information.


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