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Smart Traveller

Smart Traveller

What is Smart Traveller?Smart Traveller is a website-based organisation with the intent of informing the public of valuable information about nations.

Why should I register with Smart Traveller?I should register with Smart Traveller because it can help with lots of potential problems overseas.

How do I register with Smart Traveller?Registering with Smart Traveller is free and easy, simply enter your passport, destination details and emergency contact details, and you're set!

Smart Traveller is a government run website, meaning it must be updated, trustworthy and motivated to care for the people.

What are some problems that can occur?Problems may include travel documentation being lost/stolen, valuables being misplaced or a serious medical condition occuring.

Why do I need Smart Traveller's help?As shown above, many problems can occur overseas, and you are far away from home, meaning it will be difficult to contact family members, friends or law representatives for support.

How can Smart Traveller help?Smart Traveller can aid struggling people overseas by providing information that will:a) Prevent these problems from occuringb) Contact appropriate authorities and notify them of your dilemmac) Smart Traveller also provides specific answers to common problems, which helps a large audience of people with general issues.

To register for Smart Traveller"1. Visit Enter your passport number3. Enter your trip details when prompted4. You are now registered with Smart Traveller, so whenever you need aid overseas, Smart Traveller will be able to help you!

Example of how Smart Traveller helps:Susan was in her late twenties and happily married when she decided to travel to Rio for the upcoming Olympics. She had organised all her accommodation and flights, and was just about to book them, when an email from smart traveller popped up in her inbox. Hoping it wasn't spam, she opened the website and started readingup on the many informative paragraphs. She learnt that women hoping to be healthily pregnant should not be travelling to Brazil due to a disease called the Zika Virus.Luckily, she cancelled all her bookings and saved her potantial baby's life.Be like Susan, and register for Smart Traveller.

In Rio de Janeiro, tourist police can be contacted at (21) 2332 2924, (21) 2332 2511 and (21) 2332 5112.Special Police Unit for Tourism SupportPhone: (21) 2332-2924/2885/2889 In an emergency or accident with injuries, dial 193 (fire department) throughout Brazil. Other important nation-wide numbers include the police (190) and public ambulance (192). Be aware the operators may not speak English.Smart Traveller advises travellers to register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as they will be able to contact you in the case of an emergency, whether it be family emergency, natural disasters, documentation issues or crime problems.



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