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Smart Home

Exercise 13-1

All prices are N/A becuase they are all concept ideas

Price: N/AThe Ocado Self-Cleaning Fridge, is a fridge which can help to conserve space within.1. Sensors: the fridge uses sensors to detect the arrangement and amount of the food items within the fridge so that the owner of the fridge knows when to buy more food with the use of a smartphone app and the tocuh screen interface on the front of the fridge. Basically, it's your own grocery list compiler!2. Micro-Tiles: The fridge uses micro-tiles to change the arrangement of the food items which take of took much space. Traditionally, people would have to manually stack the food items themselve and determine the optimal space saving arrangement. With this self-cleaning fridge, the fridge cleans itself by performing mathematical calculations to stack the items in the most space saving way.3. Diet Planning: The fridge also has a calorie scanner that scans your calorie intake per plate of food that you each and it logs it into an online database. With this diet planner, the fridge can make suggestion for healthy meal plans and recipes on the screen.4. Digital Fridge Magnets: The frdige can also display slideshows of family photos and widgets.

Price: N/AThe Sshower, a shower with many features which include:1. A touch screen interface that shows displays shower statistics and serves as an feature control panel. You can check how much water you have used and saved within the past year, month, week, and even your current shower period.2. Motion Sensors: Can detect when you are using soap or rinsing and activates a water vapour setting to conserve water.3. Temperature Measurement: the Sshower can measure body temperature, water temperature, and the temperature outside the shower in order to select the optimal water temperature for the bather.4. Intergrated TV screen, weather panel, multimedia panel, etc: The touch screen also has entertainment for the bather built into the touch screen. If you don't know what to wear today, the Sshower gives you suggestions based on the day's weather condition. You can also stream music from your phone through bluetooth!

Price: N/ASensfloor is a smart rug that knows when and where you are standing. The benefits of this item are:1. It can act as a home security system. Sensfloor can connect to a smartphone app that can let the owner of the house know when and where there is activity in the house. If there's adnormal movement coming from the house, the ownder automatically knows that they ahve a trespasser and can call the police.2. Sensfloor is more private than traditional video cameras. This is more private than video surveillance because instead of taking videos of the inhabitants in the house with a privacy issue, Senseflood only detects movement in the house. There is no video attached to the Sensfloor so the inhabitants of the house do not have their privacy invaded.3. Habitual motion detection: the floor could activate other appliances just by learning the habitual movements of the inhabitants of the house. The pathways used by the owner can help Sensfloor predict when to turn on and off lights. heaters, and maybe even a coffee machine because the owner even gets to the location.

Price: N/AThe Torch-Lamp, the torch lamp can be used as a torch and a lamp in one. there are many benefits to this smart home technology.1. Conserves energy: Since the torch lamp acts as both a lamp and a torch, the user can take this single lamp to different places around the house without having to turn on multiple lamps at once.2. Emergencies: The torch lamp could also be used in emergencies since it is powered by a rechareable battery that can be dettached from the base of the lamp. When not in use, the user can just turn off the torch like a normal flashlight.

Price: N/AThe Luna, a smart bed which can control many features and ehance the spcae in which we spend 1/3 of our day on average. The reasons why this bed was chosen are:1. you can remotely control the temperature of your bed through an app on your smart phone. Both sides of the bed operate sepeartely so there can be a certain temperature on one side and another temperature on the other side of the bed.2. you can monitor your sleep cycle, breathing patterns, and heart rate. Details about the satistics are compiled into an online database.3. the Luna wakes you up when you are in the lightest phase of your sleep cycle so that you are not groggy in the morning.4. Smart Home intergrated: It can automatically turn on lights when you wake up or off lights when you're sleeping. It can also automatically brew a cup of coffee for you when you wake up downstairs while you get ready upstairs as long as the coffee maker is smart home compatible.


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