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Causes - Variola virus (Variola Major and Variola Minor), there are two types, one deadly and one not as deadly. - Very contagious, spread through breathing in the virus, saliva, or face to face contact with an infected person.

Treatments - There is no cure for smallpox, although, there is a vaccine. - Normal reactions include soreness or redness, sometimes swelling. - Severe reactions include widespread rash, infection of the skin, or brain inflammation

ExplanationAn infectious disease, that begins with a high fever, headache, and back pain then proceeds to and eruption on the skin leaving pox on face and body.

Signs & Symptoms - High fever, headache, back pain, flu like symptoms - Mouth sores and blisters form and spread virus into the throat - Flat red sores develop all over body and face, turn into red bumps after a few days. Bumps turn into blisters, blisters turn into pustules. After two weeks of sickness, pustules crust over, then scab over and fall off. This results in scars, and sometimes causes blindness if formed around the eyes.

Interesting Facts - Smallpox was eradicated in 1977, last case was in Somalia. - Smallpox vaccine was not given regularly after 1972. - Queen Elizabeth I was diagnosed with Smallpox, but survived with minimal scarring. - Smallpox could be used as a bioterrorism weapon, due to the discontinued vaccine. - Estimated 300-500 million deaths due to smallpox.


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