Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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How to Catch Smallmouth Bass

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Top Smallmouth Rivers in US1.New River2. Susquehanna River3. St Lawrence River4. Snake River5.Columbia River

Smallmouth Bass, Micropterus dolomieuthis fish ranges in color from dark olive brown to pale yellow green with an offwhite belly. it's eyes are usually red or orange. It has a broad powerful tail, excellent hearing, and uncanny vision. With these physical attributes, plus a savage instinct to kill, the smallmouth is a perfect predator.

Smallmouth bass inhabit clear,streams rivers, and reservoirs. They favor such underwater structures as rock outcrops,logs,treetops, and constructed riprap walls. Smallmouth feed primarily on small fishes,crayfishes, and insects. Spawning activity begins in the spring when water temps reach 60 degrees

Pa State record 8lbs 8 oz


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