Small Tracking Device: Marcus Rodriguez

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Small Tracking Device: Marcus Rodriguez

Because in the modern world, many people tend to lose important belongings or items, I created a "tracking device" in order to eliminate this problem. This small tracking device, only about 2 inches in length, 1.5 inch in width, and .5 inches in height, has sticky material on the bottom that can stick to nearly any solid, like a basketball. Once a switch is turned on, a light appears inside the tracking device, ready to send signals to the nearest device. After it gets verified and registered to the device, a map shows up, allowing you to locate the tracking device. It uses a smart battery that doesn't run out. This creation is especially useful for things like bags, mobile devices, and other things that can be easily lost.

Spinoff technology takes existing creations that have already benefited our world, and modifies them to a greater extent in which it solves even more solutions, or creates greater efficency in some way for anything or anyone.

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SPINOFF TECHNOLOGY USED: Phone tracking apps. Every year, millions of phones are lost for multiple reasons. Because this number greatly increases each year, many companies have created downloadable apps in which you can locate your phone from another device. This solution for lost items has only been limited to devices, as of now. I am creating a small tracking device which can stick to almost any form of a solid, incase the object gets lost.

The logo for a lost phone app, FindMyiPhone.

I chose my first design idea because I didn't have a set plan for my second model idea, and understanding the concept of the first drawing was much more clear.


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