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Slow Loris

Future of the Loris: Many conservational agency exist to protect the loris and seem to have existed for a long time. Natives in Borneo once believed slow lorises as heavens gate keepers. However, things must change so the species has a higher population and survives into the future.

Vulnerable:N. bengalensis, N. pygmaeus, N. coucang coucang, N. coucang menagensis:Endangerd: N. javanicus:

Environemntal Threats: The slow loris is highly impacted by the pet trade and illegal shipment. They are an endangered species and lorises involved in the trade live shorter lower quality lives. Teeth are often removed because the bite is poisonous. This injury can kill or badly harm the loris.

Diet and Food Chain:Slow Lorises are both primary and secondary consumers, as they are omnivores. The loris' diet consist of small fruit, tree frogs, plants, small bugs, baby birds, and geckos.

Ecosytem:Tropical evergreen forests, or bamboo groves, the slow loris shares much of its environemnt with more intellgent primates but does not compete due its noctural habits.

Niche of Loris:They are noctural and hunt at night. They sneak up on many prey and affect the populations of the small creatures which they eat. Additionally, they are a food source for large snakes, orangutans and the crested hawk eagle.

By: Alyssa Ferreira

Slow Loris