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Sloths can be found in north america such as Mexico. They also live in South America in places such as, Costa Rica

Sloths are herbivores,this means they eat only plants.Sloths are endangered because people are cutting down their homes,forests. Also, sloths are very slow so they are a very easy targets for most of their predators.

This a map of where sloths live.Did you know one species of sloths, Pygmy Three toed sloths has only less than one hundred of them left in the whole world[this map is a map of just some species of sloths]

Sloths are 2-2 and a half feet. Some are larger. They weigh about 8-17 lbs. and have a round face and sad eyes. Sloths live about 10- 16 years in the wild and about 30+ years in captivity.

Sloths also live in the Amazon Rainforest. Sloths sleep a lot! Did you know they sleep about 20 hours a day the rest they spend walking and eating. But, mostly eating!

Sloths have black, brown, and gray coats. Did you know that sloths have algae growing on their coats! Sometimes insects even live in their fur. They use the algae as a food source.

Sloths use there claws to help them grip to trees and also to defend themselves. They are also used as tools! These helpful claws can grow about 3-4 inches long!

Did you know sloths are good and a little bit fast swimmers.[if the video doesn't work at first wait and it will work soon.thank you]


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