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Different types of slope Slope of a line can be positive, negative, zero or undefined. Slope of a line is positive if the line goes up from left to right. Slope of a line is negative if the line goes down from left to right. Slope of a line is zero if the line has no slant and is horizontal. Slope of a line is undefined if the line is vertical.

Here image of a fun interactive game called Algebra vs. Cockroaches available on Players find the equation of the line the cockroaches are moving on and put it in slope intercept form. This game reinforces all the concepts learned and helps players get practice with slope in a fun way.

What is Slope?

Formulas to remember

Slope is a number that refers to the steepness or slant of a line. It also indicates whether the line is tilted uphill or downhill. Slope is calculated using the rise over run formula. Slope is the change in y over the change in x.



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    i have no clue what u r taking about but it looks great . awesome ]

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    This is a really good example.

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