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slim jim

SlimCharacteristics: Content, Leader of Ranch Workers, Has insight on George and Lennie's relationship.

SPOILER ALERTThis scene is the end of the novel. Slim appears in the beginning of the clip when the search begins.

Scene with Slim Slim makes appearances throughout this clip. Slim demonstrates his authority on the ranch.

SLIM: - A typical "good guy." - Only subcharacter whose name doesn't start with a "C" which hints that he more significant than the others.- Has a genuine personality despite the hardship that occours in life.- Understands the way the world works.- Understands the hierarchy of survivability in which the weak die out and the strong live on. - This philosophy is portrayed by Lennie gradually killing various things in the novel, which leads to Lennie's ultimate death.- On the ranch, Slim has taken advantage of the strong-beat-weak situation, and has become a strong and dependable leader on the ranch.- Has a leader's personality.- His charcter is similar to that of Abraham Lincoln.- Comforts George after George shoots Lennie. - Appreciates George and Lennie's relationship.



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