Sleeping in Space

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Sleeping in Space

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Sleeping In Space.

After a long day, Astronauts want a good night rest. But is it difficult sleeping in space? No, its exactly the same as sleeping on Earth. The microgravity makes it a relief for Astronauts, same as the sleeping bag.

Ever have difficulties sleeping on Earth? Well try sleeping in space! People may think astronauts have a rough time sleeping, because of all the microgravity and stuff. But no! It may seem different, but its surprisingly the same. A comfy place is needed to keep the astronauts well rested. So are you ready for another journey?

One of their first things they have to do is get ready for bed. First of, they get inside a comfy, well made, sleeping bag that has a little space for the head to peek out! But its no ordinary bed, its faced up and measured just right for the astronauts. So they do there stuff , then go inside there caterpillar cocoon. Astronauts always need a good night rest. So the most important thing they need is, no sound, and no light.

Do Astronauts like getting woken up early? Space astronauts have to get up very early everyday! so it makes it a hobby for them. Astronauts always have one of the best wake up calls! Music gets put on for them in the morning. Which is mostly music that they enjoy, or family members request a special song for them.

So have you learned something new today? I have, but if you didn't... Well you didn't. No matter what, every school year, I'll keep making another glog. So tell me whenever your ready for.. Another journey.


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