Sleeping Bear Dunes

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Sleeping Bear Dunes

There have been two known excavations of the Sleeping Bear Dunes during the 1970s and the 1980s. One excavation performed by Dr. Lovis and collegues allowed for a deeper knowledge of the history of the great dunes. Remains recovered dating back to 11,000 - 8,000BC included spear points and moraines. A copper awl was another artifact found during the excavation.A second excavation performed by Jeffery Richner at Platte River Campground, recovered over 2,000 ceramic shreds dating back to prehistoric times. Fire-cracked rocks were also recovered.


1975 - Lovis reports history of site1985 - Platte River Campground discoveredJuly 1, 1987 - Excavation of site beginsAugust 18, 1987 - Excavation of site completed April 27, 1990 - Site listed on National Register of Historical Places

The Legend of Sleeping Bear Dunes suggests how the dunes and the Manitou Islands were created.The Native Americans and French occupied this area during the 1600s.In 1800s, Henry Schoolcraft provided the first written records of the dunes along with the well-being of the natives.


Northwest Michigan, Leelanau PeninusulaSite 20BZ16 along the Platte River

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Sleeping Bear Dunes



Excavation Site

Examples of ceramic sherds, but not recovered from the actual site.

Spear point examples found in Michigan. These are not from the actual excavation.


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