Slaves of America History

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Slaves of America History

When did Slaves come to America?In 1619 African American slaves came to Jamestown, To be trade for labor and goods such as ivory and spices.

How are slaves brought to America?Slaves where brought to America by ship across the Middle Passage. From the West Africans to the Americans across the Atlantic Ocean.

Why where slaves needed in America? Slaves where needed in America for the demand for many laborers for sugars, tobacco, and cotton plantation. Paid laborers were to expensive and the indigenous people had died out from disease and conflict. So the colonies turned towards Africans.

What was like for slaves? A life for a slave was not something glamorous. slaves where expected to work for  nothing and listen to there master, there was no life beside listening to their master. Slaves often beaten and starved for not doing as they where told. Life of a slave was difficult and not something anyone would of liked to live through. It was a bad time in history.

Slaves of America History


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