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Social Studies

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A slaves life was most effected by their job and who their owner was. The law allowed the owners to treat slaves however they wanted. This means that many slaves were abused. Greek slaves were thought to be the cleverest, because of this, they cost the most.


Gladiators were prisoners, criminals, slaves or paid volentiers. Gladiator fights took place in a large building called an ampetheater. In gladiator fights, the gladiators would fight each other or animals.

Rich and upper class Romans didn't do many jobs. However, if they did, their jobs mostly involved army, politics, or some kind of financial work.Pooror lower class Romans did most of the jobs in Rome. Some of those jobs are craftsmen or shopkeepers.





Gladiator Fights

Slaves were only workers, they had no rights or status. Slaves were owned by the state, and they were bought or sold like objects or property.


Spartacus is the most famous of all the slaves. In 73 B.C., Spartacus gathered an army of 90,000 members, but sadly the army was defeated two years later by the Roman army.

A Slaves Life

All games started in the morning, and the gladiator fights started in the after noon. There were many different tipes of shows that took place. Some are races, dancers, musicians, animal fights, and the gladiator fights.

Game Times


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