Slavery - Work Songs

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Slavery - Work Songs

What is Slavery?- System where people were treated as property- Slaves can be bought and sold-System of forced labor

Slavery- Work Songs

Work Songs-A piece of music connected to a specific type of work, sung while doing work -African Americans sang work songs, part of their oral culture -These songs raised morale and kept African Americans working in rhythm.- The songs expressed anger, frustration, and hardships.- Leader would sing the verses and everybody would join in for the chorus.

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Slave Conditions-Slaves lived in poor conditions and were not allowed to learn to read or write.-Punished for not listening to their owner

- Slaves were needed in the North, but not the South.-The south grew tobacco, cotton, and other crops on large plantations.-They needed many workers for the plantations.

-The North had only small farms and industries and therefore did not need as many workers as the South.


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