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Slavery Peanut

Slavery has many deffinitions, according to google its " a condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom." That is as close as it gets because no matter what kind of slave you are your freedom is restricted to only sleeping sometimes, they dont even get rest. Working 18 hours a day dying silk in toxic dye is one form of slavery. As well as prostitution or working in brick mills, forced or labor with no rest is slavery

How To Stop It

-700k people enlaved in Nigeria-20-30million people enslaved today-slavery is worth 15.5 billion-14,500-17,500 poeple trafficked in the US anually-46% of victims know their captors-54% dont know their captors-Brazil leads the world in the fight against slavery-Cocoa plantations use child labor

I Believe that its a very simple thing to stop but people now a days see it on the media and just say " Aww thats so horrible" but they end up not doing anyhting to stop it. Maybe if they would think of it as if it was them or their child they would see how horrible it must feel. That would get alot of people to help or maybe they should get up and donate or join peaceful freedom fighter groups to help send slavery.

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