Slavery in the 1800s

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African-American History

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Slavery in the 1800s

Plantation Life in the 1800s

The slave diet varied depending on the location of the plantation. Some of the generic foods that were presented to the slaves were, bacon and corn meal. They would get about 2 pounds of bacon per week and about a peck and a half of cornmeal. This was supposed to last for a week. Of course, there are extremes on both sides where slaves are well fed or not fed at all.

This Video depicts the life of a slave on plantations in the South during the 1800s.

Slaves were usually given gender specific clothing, which is most cases men wore pants, and women wore dresses. They were also given supplemental clothing to wear under their clothes during the winter time. Some examples were men wore knee-length coats and women wore shawls.

It was hard to accept Christianity for the slaves as much as it was to accept that America was their new home. In time, they finally (and sometimes begrudgingly) accepted both.Slaves became part of the, for the most part, Christian religion. They took solace in the promise of deliverence as Moses led God's people out of Egypt. They also used the Christian religion to talk about revolution and escaping.

Slave Clothing

Slave Religion

Slave Diet

Slave Punishment

The most common form of punishment on slaves was whipping. The owner, or whoever was in charge of discipline, would whip slaves for petty and larger sins. They were whipped severly and scars were left for life. Sometimes slave-owners resorted to mutilating and branding their slaves.


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