[2015] Isabella Singleton (4th Gr. Room 109 2014-15): Slavery In Louisiana

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[2015] Isabella Singleton (4th Gr. Room 109 2014-15): Slavery In Louisiana

SlavesWhat were slaves called? Slaves were called negroes (black in spanish). What are slaves? The practice of owning other people was called slavery. Some slaves became slaves when captured in wars. Slaves in the U.S were slaves forever. By the time of 1860 4 million slaves were in the U.S.

The life of a SlaveByIsabella Singleton

Do you know a slave? Probably not. When you read on you will find out how African Americans were treated. Also that this happened a long time ago.

Each plantations was about 500 to 1,000 acres. Each acer produced 5,000 plants. Slaves, women, men, and children planted between 5,000 and 8,000 seeds in order to produce one acre of sugar. What is a plantation? A plantation is a large farm that forced labor of slaves to harvest cotton, rice, sugar, and tobacco crops for trade and export. After 1803 plantations owners began growing the plant sugar cane.Sugar cane was a profitable crop! The climate was mild in the winter and There was hot humid summers. This made it possible to grow crops throughout the year. Why are Plantations in Louisiana? Plantations are in louisiana because of fertile soil, swamp areas, and long rivers.

Slave trade began in 1808 a group of africans americans were being sold. In 1808 the U.S ended slaves coming from Africa. The first slaves were sold in 1818. A man named Kit sold for $975 and his son that was nine for $400.

GlossaryClimate- the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period of time.Humid- marked by a relatively high level of water vapor in the atmosphere. Mild- gentle and not easily porvoken.

The underground railroad was in Pollock Louisiana.

Fun FactsSlaves ran away.Slaves were called negroes.Homer Plessy was ⅛ african american and got arrested.Slaves had to work in the boiling sun and in the freezing winters with no coat.The Underground railroad transports slaves to freedom


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