Slavery/ Free African Americans

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Slavery/ Free African Americans

"I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."~Harriet Tubman

Harriet TubmanMarch 1822 - March 1913

2.) What were the different types of jobs slaves did on plantations? Slaves would work in the house; clean; cook; do dishes; laundry; sew; serve meals; etc, if they were domestic. Others were trained as blacksmiths, carpenters, shoemakers, or weavers. Many were field hands.

1.) What were the four main groups that made up Southern society and culture?The four main groups that made up Southern society and culture were the yeomen, tenant farmers, the rural pool, and plantation owners.

3.) Explain why life under slavery was difficult and dehumanizing. Life under slavery was difficult and dehumanizing because one race was oppresing another race and the people who were being held as slaves were stuck in a cruel cycle of abuse. Humanity was being thrown off balance (ex: slaves didn't have adequate food or clothing).

4.) What was slave culture centered around? Slave culture was centered around labor and subsistence. The only thing that slaves had to worry about is making their owner happy so they could live through the day.

Slavery/Free African Americans By:Heaven Murphy

5.) Underground Railroad and Nat Turner. a.) Nat Turner was a slave that rebelled against his master. He led a group of followers on a brief, violent rampage in Southhampton County, Virginia. 55 whites died. Nat was hanged for rebelling and the white people were now frightened. b.) The Underground Railroad was a group of rebels that were led by Harriet Tubman. She did not establish the Underground Railroad but she was the most successful conductor. It was important because it saved many lives and it showed the slaves that there was still hope.

6.) How did educational opportunities for African Americans differ from across the nation? Free African Americans were able to attend school, except for those in the South where most slaves were banned from getting an education. Quakers fully supported the African Americans getting an education. They believed in equality.

7.) What types communities did free African Americans live in the North? Upstate New York, frontier regions of Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, New England, and the South were some of the communities that the free African Americans lived. Renewed religious faith led people to want to improve society.

Nat TurnerOct. 2, 1800 - Nov. 11, 1831

Slavery/Free African AmericansBy: Heaven Murphy#21 - Gadd


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