Slavery and the Fight for Freedom

by sfa302
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Social Studies
African-American History

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Slavery and the Fight for Freedom

Minty, A Story of Young Harriet Tubmanby Alan Schroeder & Jerry PinkneyThis book is great for developed readers. It takes a more realistic portrayal of slavery and slave owners. The emotions, situations, and realism in this story will cause young readers to gain understanding of the life of the slave.*Coretta Scott Award Winner**has scenes of violence and might cause strong emotions in response

Slavery and the Fight for FreedomA collection of literacy book to be used in a unit

Abe Lincoln's Hat by Martha BrennerAbe Lincoln's Hat is a leveled reader meant for first through lower third grade beginning readers. It takes a look at the life of our 16th President before taking office. His life of a country lawyer is the main focus. It is great book to compare the lives of lawyers from the 18th century to present day lawyers. This is book and can be inviting for students, with funny moments and humor mixed with good information, key words, as well as historically correct information.

Underground by Shane W. EvansThis book is an easy reader, with few words on each page. Students should be able to gain context from the beautiful collage pages within. The use of light and dark paper shows the emotions of runaway slaves as they move closer to the light of freedom.

John Brown: His Fight for Freedomby John HendrixThis book takes an in-depth look at the life of John Brown, one of the most violent Abolitionists from the 18th century. It begins with the events that cause John Brown to decide to "raise a storm in this country that will not be styed so long as there is a slave on its soul," to the events at Harpers Ferry, and concludes with his hanging. The author uses different sized text, colorful pictures, and lots of context to portray his message. The book contains many helpful facts, key terms, and author's notes that can be used to increase learning for students.



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