Slavery and free Africans

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Slavery and free Africans

"I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more only if they knew they were slaves." -Harriet Tubman

This talks about the life in the south and the people and work that there was1.The four main groups that made up the Southern society and culture were the Africa Americans (slaves), Whites, Free, and slave holders. 2.The jobs that the slaves did on the plantations were being a Craftsmen, carpenters, sugar boilers, also drivers. The drivers were the people with the wips and put the slaves on task.The woman were mostly in the field and the men were the skilled workers. The woman also picked tabacco and rice. 3.Life was so difficult and dehumanizing for theslaves becuase they had to sleep in bad conditions and get rarely any rest after a hard day at work, and a little food. When they just couldnt work any more they got wiped. Also they didnt have grea clothes for the winter or summer, 4.The slave culture was centered around who worked where because if you worked for the owner he will treat you better and the others would be treated like trash.


Slavery &Free Af American


This part talks about the education that the Africans had and the people that were against slavery. The free parts of america also1.The African educational opportunities were rare becasue most didnt go to school and most only knew how to read. Or sometimes somebody will teac them bt it wa a crime t teach them. Slaves went to public schools and it was all Blacks.A.Quakers were actually against it, In Europe and America. They were teacher of the enslaved children and they were enslaved if they did that. They made a oranization called Society of Friends.B. the laws impacted the education of slaves because they could only go to a all black school. Some forbidded reading and writing and it was a crime to teach. 2.The free communities were Baltimore, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsilvania, and New Orleands.A. The second great awakenings had milllions of new members. it was around 1790. It symbolized the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Free Aficans

Thsi talks about how some Slaves found freedom.6.The uder ground railrood was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by enslaved people. It lead to Canada and Mexico. It was basixcally a passage way to freedom!A.It was important because it was a way people can be free and start a new life and escape their state.

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This talks about all the uprisings and Nat's rebellion 5.The slave uprisings and treatment of slaves and the formation of laws in the South made the owners pay more attention and more bad punishments to the slaves when they misbehaved. They put new laws about the slaves. It protected pecular. institution. It talked about why colred people should be controlled. A.Nat Turners rebellion took place in Southampton County Virginia, during August 1831. Led by Nat Turner. Rebel slaves were killed everywhere from 55 to 65 people. It was a slave rebellion.


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