[2014] Joshua Milliner (Year 10 history): Slave Trade

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[2014] Joshua Milliner (Year 10 history): Slave Trade

Slaves being taken to a slave ship

Innocent people were taken from their families to serve what most people see as more superior people because of their skin colour. A lot of slaves would most likely work better and keep working if they had better conditions and got paid for their hard efforts. Slaves are being brought into this when they havnt done a wrong thing in their entire life.

This is how packed the slave ships were


Slaves are people too!

The Punishment for a slave

Map of Slave Trade ships

How would you feel if you were taken away from your family and forced to work for someone who wasnt paying you and giving harsh punishment for small mistakes?

The consequences of slavery is loss of culture, increased tribal warefare to supply slaves to slave traders, sickness and death on journey.


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