Slave Culture

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Slave Culture

Slave CultureD. Johnston3rd Pd.

Slave Quarters:The slave quarters were located on the owner's property. Sometimes the master would provide housing and sometimes slaves had to make their own homes. When they did, they used African practices of thatched roofs. The quarter homes were very small and they had little to no furniture and pots/pans provided to live.

Religion:Religion was important and included a blend of African religious beliefs and American Christianity. Most slaves believed that misfortunes such as slavery was the result of some sorcery or curse placed on them. This was from of their African religion. It was outlawed to preach if you were a slave, but many black preachers still met in private to bring religion to the slaves. They believed in a supreme being and many lesser African spirits such as in nature. Religion was an important way of coping with their lives.

Tales & Stories:The slave culture developed in the quarters used stories and tales to explain things and use humor to outwit others. The tales they created entertained and amused themselves. The African influence in these tales is most obvious in the use of animals as main characters who outwit a stronger foe.

Music:Songs and religious spirtual music was very important and again showed the strong cultural influence from Africa. The use of drums and banjos were very different from the European music of the Southern whites.

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