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Slaughterhouse Five

Chapter Three begins with Roland and Billy being brought to a house filled with other American POWs. And when Billy sits down he has a vision into his future about his sons Robert who is a Green Beret in the Army. But Billy travels back into the current time when he and his fellow prisoners and being moved and they are being told to march down the road. Billy is in discomfort the whole time due to his poor shoes and his lack of a jacket. Eventually they arrive at a railroad and Billy meets a colonel named Wild Bob. Wild Bob will die on the way to the prisoner camp. The prisoners are separated into box cars and they have to take turns standing and laying down. Billy’s train did not move for several days and during this time Billy travels to the night that he is abducted by the Tralfamadorians. Chapter four starts on the night before his daughter’s wedding and Billy can’t sleep but he knows, because he has seen this part of his life before in visions that he will be abducted by the Tralfamadorians soon and is going to wait for their spaceship in the backyard. Just as Billy enters the ship he is sent back through time into the present and his on his ninth day in the box car. Roland Weary has died at this point and Paul Lazzaro has sworn to Roland that he’ll make Billy pay for his death. The next day they arrive at the prison camp and Billy is given a very small fury jacket with bullet holes in it. As they are showering Billy travels into the Tralfamadorians ship and speaks to them for the first time. And that is the end of chapter four.

Chapters 1&2

Chapter five starts with Billy sitting in his zoo exhbit and he is asking for a book to read. The only book the Tralfamadorians have is Valley the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann. After this Billy is back at the POW camp in Germany and the Americans are put in a house with British officers. The officers have a huge meal and play planned for the Americans. The British officers have a huge surplus of materials that they received by mistake so they use the supplies to trade with the guards. During the performance of Cinderella Billy begins laughing uncontrollably and is put in the hospital in the camp. While he is in the hospital he flashes into the future to 1948 and is checked into a mental ward and shares a room with ex-captain Eliot Rosewater. Rosewater introduces the novels of Kilgore Trout to Billy, which he enjoys greatly. After this Billy is back in WWII and the high school teacher Edgar Derby is with Billy in the hospital. Billy remembers about Derby’s death soon to come in Dresden. Billy then flashes back to Tralfamadore and learns that the Tralfamadorians aren’t always at peace but have wars of their own. Back in Germany Billy wanders into the bathroom where many American soldiers are sick, one of whom is the author, Kurt Vonnegut. The next morning Billy wakes up to find Paul Lazzaro unconscious next to him. Paul had tried to steal from an officer and was knocked out and has a broken arm. Billy flashes back to Tralfamadore and Montana Wildhack has just arrived. Chapter six begins with Billy and the other POWs being sent to Dresden via train. Lazzaro threatens to kill the Englishman that beat him up after the war. He also reminds Billy of his promise to kill him, which Billy knows it will happen, but also how and when it will happen because he has seen it many times in his visions. After the Americans elect Derby as their leader they are sent to Dresden and arrive to see eight very worn down German soldiers will be their guards.

The book begins with the author, Kurt Vonnegut, talking to the reader about him writing a book about the fire-bombing of Dresden. He talks about going to see his old war buddy Bernard O’Hare to help him recall memories about them being in Dresden. He speaks of them taking a trip back to Germany. He introduces the main character Billy Pilgrim, and states he has become unstuck in time. Chapter Two starts by stating that Billy has time travel episodes, Billy can travel from seeing his wedding day to the day he was born and so on. He has no control over where or when he has these time travel visions. He also has no control over where in his life he travels to and because of this he is in constant fright. Billy was born in Ilium, New York and went to an Optometry school before getting drafted by the Army during World War II. After the war he suffered a mental breakdown before he married his fiancé and had 2 kids. Later on in life he was in a plane crash and everyone died except him and the copilot. Then his wife died trying to get to his hospital. After this he started to deteriorate and wrote letters to the local newspaper about how he was abducted by aliens and kept in a zoo on the planet Tralfamadore. Later on in the chapter Billy is sent out into WWII and is part of the Battle of the Bulge where he and three other US soldiers are trapped in German territory. During this time Billy has his first time travel vision in the book, he flashes back to his childhood and sees into his future as well. One of the soldiers is Roland Weary who does not like Billy and has to drag him around until they end up being captured by German soldiers.

Chapters 7&8

Chapter seven begins with Billy boarding a plane he knows it will crash and only he and the copilot will survive. He is rescued by skiers brought to a hospital. Then he’s back in 1944 he, Edgar Derby and their young guard Werner Gluck is looking for their holding building. They are eventually brought to a slaughterhouse and Werner tells them to remember, “Schlachthof-fünf”, or Slaughterhouse Five. Later on Billy and Edgar are working in a syrup factory. The workers there and mal-nourished so they’re spoons hidden used to eat the syrup. Billy hands Edgar a spoonful, he eats it and begins to cry. Chapter eight begins with Howard W. Campbell, Jr., the American Nazi propagandist, speaking to the prisoners and asking them to join the fight against the Russians. Derby shuts him down in a moment of triumph but shortly after that the air raid sirens go off and they take cover under the slaughterhouse. Then Billy travels to the first time he met Kilgore Trout and how the band at his anniversary made Billy very upset. Then Billy travels to Tralfamadore with the pregnant Montana Wildhack and tells her about the destruction of Dresden. Billy is now in Dresden right after the bombing and he compares the scene to the surface of the moon, all ash. The guards tell the prisoners to find food and shelter.

Slaughterhouse Five

Chapters 3&4

Chapters 5&6

Chapter nine begins with Billy’s wife Valencia dying on the way to see Billy in the hospital. Next to Billy in the hospital is arrogant Harvard history professor named Bertram Copeland Rumford and he is writing a book about the Air Force in WWII and Billy mentions that he was in Dresden during the bombing. Rumford at first ignored Billy but later on questioned him more. Billy was sent home and shortly after flashes back to Dresden with him and other prisoners looting Dresden with a couple horses in very poor health. Chapter ten begins in 1968 and Vonnegut and O’Hare are on their way back to Germany. Back in 1945 Billy is in Dresden, Vonnegut and O’Hare are their too. They are digging up bodies from the rubble. Edgar Derby is seen taking a teapot and is tried and executed for it. Then the war is over with the Russians arriving and the end of Slaughterhouse Five.

Chapters 9&10

And even if the wars didn't keep coming like glaciers, there would still be plain old death"(Vonnegut, 4).

"Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time" (8).

"He didn’t look like a solider at all. He looked like a filthy flamingo"(25).

"Anybody ever asks you what the sweetest thing in life is—it’s revenge"(108).


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