Slater Mill

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Slater Mill

Slater Mill

Details about Slater's Mill-Slater Mill targeted families to his mills. He wanted growing families so that he could usethe kids of the family to put them to work.

Timeline5am- wake up feed kids5:30am- get kids dressed6am- leave to the mill2pm- eat lunch2:30- finish lunch get back to work5pm- get home from the mill6pm- eat supper7pm- get washed up8pm- go to sleepfor an early day

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Children had no learning experience

In 1810, two million school-aged kids were working 50-70 hours a week

Now, it is an historic site.

Before when it had people working in it.

These are the kids working at the mill.

The working kidsearned $0.40-$1.10 a night for their families

Many kids began at the age of 7-10 years old

Journal Entry-Dear Diary, today was just like every other day. Long and hard. We did get a lot done though. I am sitting here in a small boardinghouse with about 20 other girls. It was very hot out today, which doesnt help in the boarding house. I am now going to sleep because I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.


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