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Slated By Teri Terry

Slated is a science fiction novel for young adults. It takes place in London in the country. The main character is Kyla Davis, a sixteen year old girl who got slated when she only ten years old. Being slated means you get all your memories wiped blank and you have to wear a levo, a thin metal wristband that monitors your emotions. The government found a way to slate people while trying to figure out what to do with terrorists to make them better citizens.

The conflict of this book is that all the Slateds have to wear levos. Ben and Kyla want to find out a way to remove the levos. After a lot of thinking and talking to different people, Ben thinks that he has found a way to remove it. He is going to take a lot of happys pills (pills that make it so your levo can't tell what you are thinking) that he got from Aiden, a friend of Jazz's cousin. Then he is going to cut off the Levo. At the hospital, they warned every slated multiple times that if any harm is done to your levo it will cause severe pain, seizures, and even death. Will Ben make it and survive? Or will he die and get taken away with the lorders?

The point of view in this book is from Kyla Davis, the main character. The message of Slated is to always listen to you family and friends. If you don't things can go very badly. In the book Ben didn't listen to Kyla, his closest friend, and he almost died because of it. In the story, Ben is very caring, loving, and protective towards Kyla. He is very polite and everybody always seems to like him. But he is also very determined. When he came up with his plan for cutting off his levo, Kyla knew that it could hurt him, but he didn't listen when she told him not to do it. He was so determined to do it, that he didn't even listen to Kyla or consider her option. The oposite of Ben in the book is Phobe, she is a "slater hater". Phobe hates all people who have been slated. She is very mean to Kyla and does not like her at all. Phobe has been so mean to Kyla, Kyla dreads every class that she has with Phobe and avoids her whenever she can.

This is the cover of Slated, but she also wrote two other books ; Fractured, and Shattered.

This is Kyla Davis

This represets that she hasn't been locked in a closet since birth

For more information you can check out Teri Terry's website at : or you can see how other people liked it at

She didn't know where"home" was.


By: Teri Terry

"All right, I haven't got much experience on which to base this judgement. I may be sixteen and I'm not slow or backwards and haven't been locked in a closet since birth-as far as I know-but slating does that to you. Makes you lacking in experience."- Kyla Davis

"But I'm biting my nails and sitting here waiting for Mum, Dad and Amy to pick me up at the hospital and take me home, and I don't know who they are. I don't know where "home" is. I don't know nothing." - Kyla Davis

I wrote a science fiction novel for young adults

This is the trailer for the movie Slated

This is Teri Terry

This is what a levo looks like

This is the blurb of Slated

This is Ben, Kyla's only friend

This is Phobe

This is what Phobe was, a "Slater Hater"

This is a typical house in the London countryside like Kyla's

These are happy pills


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