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Slam by Creelman

"Slam" 1990s in NYCConfident -knows that he has talent and isn't afraid to show itHot-HeadedSlam looses his cool often. He stormed off the court during a game and busted out of a classroom.

Genre: Sports Fiction This novel surrounds the game of basketballSports


Conflict: Person vs. SelfSlam gets annoyed at himself often. He wonders why he has to show off, why he can't score better grades, and second-guesses how he treats his girl.

Critique:4.5 StarsThis novel held my interest. I really liked the main character and wanted him to get his life together.

Walter Dean Myers^*Born near the WV plantation on which his parents had been slaves.^*Walter's mother died giving birth to his brother.^*He had a speech impediment and would beat kids for laughing at him.

B'Ball fans will love the sports lingo and play-by-play action. They may be able to relate to overbearing coaches and the desire to be a starter.


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