Skype-Jada and Jared

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Skype-Jada and Jared

Skype was founded in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom, Janus Friss

The Skype Log in looks a little like this:

poster yourself

poster yourself

Skype Works by a VoIP protocall which basically allows you to talk to over the internet.

Skype is so popular because it allows you to communicate with relatives or friends across the world for free !

Skype is a software which allows you to connect with relatives and friends across the world with 2 options ; 1 is to talk to another person who alos has the software and has a skype account, and another is Via phone for a price of 1.9 cents per minute, but this does not mean it can be abussed for emergency calls.

Skype Facts.* Skype has apprimately 28 million users at peak times.* Ebay has bought skype for 1.6 billion dollars*Their is 405 million people who who have an Sype account.* A Majority of Skype users use skype for business


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