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Sky maps

Overall, we thought that this project was very interesting and creative. We enjoyed drawing the constellations and learning about them. It was engaging to plot the five different constellations and then to draw their figure. It was a helpful way of learning how to plot the numbers on the y and x axis. We also liked, learning about our specific topic, which was sky maps, the equator, latitude and longitude, and greenwich. These were terms that we were unfamiliar with so it was a great learning experience. We thought that it was a fun and creative way of learning more about lines. We also learned about the relationship that greenwich and the equator have with the coordinate plane.


Zero degrees is the equator, the imaginary line which divides our planet into the northern and southern hemispheres. 90° north is the North Pole and 90° south is the South Pole.


Used to located stars and other objects in the sky.

Smilar to the way we use a world map to locate countries.

Latitude lines run horizontal. Latitude lines are also known as parallels since they are parallel and are an equal distant from each other.

Is located in the prime meridian which is located at 0 degrees longitude and it is also shows us the GMT. Greenwhich is a town in England.

We could relate the Greenwich to algebra, since we use the Greenwich as an origin, and the origin in algerbra is used in coordinate planes to find points.

The vertical longitude lines are also known as meridians.Zero degrees longitude is located at Greenwich, England (0°). The degrees continue 180° east and 180° west where they meet and form the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean.

Latitude and Longitude:

We can relate the latitude and longitudes to algebra by comparing it to coordinate planes. The latitudes are in the Y-axis, while the longitudes are in the X-axis. With this, we can plot points and desifre to location of comarcs.

Just as Greenwich, the equator can be related exacrtly the same way, but, the equator is in in the X-axis.




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