Sky Maps, Longitude, Latitude, Greenwich And Equator

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Sky Maps, Longitude, Latitude, Greenwich And Equator

Andrea Gonzalez, Gabriela Gomez, Hojun Kim

Sky Maps, Longitude, Latitude, Greenwhich and the Equator

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Connections-Sky maps, longitude, latitude, Greenwich, equator can be read and identified by using a grid system. -This grid system is used when graphing in Algebra and we also graphed the stars in the constellations as points in the coordinate plane which is a grid system. -Also to find a location you need to use coordinates and lines, which are used in sky maps, world maps with parallels and meridians such as Greenwich and Equator.-These maps with parallels and meridians have values in their axis measured in degrees. As well as in coordinate planes in algebra and the coordinate plane we did for the project in which we have values in both axis as well.

Sky Maps: a chart that shows the position of celestial bodiesLongitude: angular distance east or west from the Greenwich meridianLatitude: the angular distance north or south from the equator Greenwich: prime meridianEquator: prime parallel, imaginary line


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