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Lia Khan, is a beautiful intelligent 17-year old girl, that’s rich and popular, she loves to run and compete -until the accident that almost killed her. Wishing that she was still human. Zoie Khan, is Lia’s younger sister she wasn’t beautiful nor smart, she hates Lia and the fact everything about Lia, and basically replaced Lia Khah in everything. But the thing is, Zo blames herself for what happened to her sister. Auden Heller , an outsider at school, is not a "designer baby" like most of the elite in society, He is fascinated by mechs, but dislikes the mechs who try to reject their old lives and want Lia to do so as well. Eventually Lia becomes good friends with Auden but, Auden chose a different conclusion.

Character Descriptiton:

Skinned is a book that is taken place in the future. Lia Khan was made in BioTech she was instruct or trained there to reach her advanced thinking so she could act like a normal human once again. BioTech is a place where almost dead humans consciousness gets downloaded into a new body that looks like human. She is a Junior that goes to Helmsley High School.


When Lia Khan is severely injured in a freak car accident, she nearly died but is taken to BioTech- one of her dad's company. During the time Lia’s mechanical body is trying to develop, she was having a difficult time from accepting herself-she doesn’t know if she should believe that she is still a being. After Lia gets out of rehab no one has treated her the same including her sister, friends, boyfriend, and even the society that had been watching her transformation from a video outside BioTech. At the moment when Lia has no one, there is one guy that wants to help her accept for what she is now his name is Auden Heller. Auden sees Lia in a different way, when Lia’s artificial body froze as a result of not taking care of herself Auden was the only one who saved her from mortified. Once Lia tried to save Auden she was to late.

Plot Summary:



I have not experienced what Lia Khan has been through but, her story can relate to so many people that became different but, accepted for what they have become now. Is I think a genius technique that the author of this book Robin Wasserman has proposed. The concept of relating the book to Deus Ex Machina is I think the best outline of this book. The characters are perfectly made- each character are unique and fits their role. Even though the book had a lot of inappropriate languages and explicit description, I still like the plot and the maturity of the story same as the setting. Rating: 4.5

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