Skin disorders and conditions project

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Human Anatomy

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Skin disorders and conditions project

Project Description: You and a partner will choose a skin related topic. Some examples of topics are skin cancer, sunburn & sunscreen, sunless tanning, tanning pills, tanning salons & UV rays, acne, vitiligo psoriasis, eczema, burns (unrelated to UV exposure), athlete’s foot, tattoos, rosacea, scabies . You may choose other topics as long as they are skin related and you have received permission from the teacher. With your partner, research your topic based on the questions below. These questions are only to get you started. You may find that some questions may NOT apply to your topic. After some basic research you should ADD your own topic specific questions to the list below. You will have access to the wireless laptops or computer room during class. Once you have gathered all your information, create a Glog on your topic. The visual aide should be clear, understandable, creative, and include graphics and possible video clips and hyperlinks. You will also need to develop a set of possible test questions for your topic using a google form Ms. Barrett has set up online. Click here to go to the form.You need at least 6 objective questions (ex. multiple choice, True/False). Students should be able to answer your questions after viewing your glog. You will also need to link any pictures used and text to the original source!


Each glog will be viewed by classmates so they can answer the test questions you wrote based on your research

To recap: 1) Design a glog2) Write test questions based on your research presented in your glog using the google form Mrs. Barrett created. Click here to access3) Link your pictures and information to the original source4) Fill in the content portion of the grading rubric. Click here to access rubric.

Some questions to consider as you start your research (not ALL questions apply to ALL topics):1. Description of topic. What is it? Describe how this topic affects the skin. What layers of skin are effected?2. Describe the risks and benefits (if any) of this topic.3. What can you do to protect yourself?4. What are the symptoms and what causes them?5. What are the treatments? How do they work?Some topics will not relate to any of these questions. You will need to come up with questions of your own to research!


Don't forget to put it in your OWN words!



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