Skin cancer

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Skin cancer

Skin Cancer





Malgnat tumors invade close tissues. The tumors may spread into nearby areas.

Skin cancer is caused by exposure to bad ultravoliet radiation in the sun.

One symptom of skin cancer is big lumps with scaly, rough or crusted surfaces.Another symptom is a bloody/sore scab that heals and then returns.

You can prevent getting skin cancer by wearing sunscreen, getting skin checks, wearing a hat, and avoiding tanning beds.

Cancerous Moles

This is your skin and it's layers

This is a symptom of skin cancer.


Skin cancer is treated by chemotheraphy, Moh's surgery, cryosurgery, and radiation therapy.

This is radiation therapy.

"Your uncle Jack was a survivor of skin cancer from that Hawiian sun."- Julia Breen Kinsley

Interesting Facts

One in 5 Americans get skin cancer.More than a million get skin cancer every year.80% of skin cancer is basal cell, 16% squamous, and 4% melanoma. Avioding the sun between 10 am and 4 pm protects you from getting skin canceer.


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